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I am a big user and fan of Essence of Morocco products. 

I like very much the Argan body oil which I am using every day right after my shower and the Argan facial oil. As I am a frequent traveler I love the small 10ml facial oil which easily fits into my toiletry bag of my cabin case. I like the softness and texture of the oil which gives a nice feeling on my face and body. 
I also use the rose water mornlng & evening to cleanse my face. It is fresh, natural, and has a very soft perfume.



‘ I just love all the products but for me, the outstanding one was the hair oil.  I have had thinning hair for years…tried almost everything as I refused to try the products that had a long list of possible negative reactions! And ingredients I could not pronounce!    At first I thought the oil would flatten my hair. Quite the opposite.  My hair now feels strong, thicker, healthier and has a lovely shine to it.  For this product alone I would pay a lot more money. It is wonderful. ‘

Kay, London


”At balance magazine we’re lucky to get to try various products.  Having always been a fan of facial oils I was keen to try the Essence of Morocco Facial Oil.  The results were very impressive!  It left my skin feeling not only refreshed but wonderfully soft, I will be adding this to my beauty regime!’

Katy, Editor of Balance Magazine


‘I just wanted to tell you that I put some of your hair Argan oil onto my Mum’s  head and neck with fantastic results.    She has suffered from Psoriasis for over 40 years and for the last few years it has been mainly in her head and around the neck.   It is unbelievably itchy and drives her mad.   She has used lots of different products but without much success.

So when she came to stay at Xmas I put the Argan oil on and within a day she was not itching and was so happy.  She took some home with her and has continued to use it with great results.  She asked me to get some more for her so it has really transformed her life.

Thank you so much for introducing it to me.   I have a lady with terrible eczema so I will let you know how that goes too.

With best wishes,’

Anni, London


‘I decided to have a spa day instead. It all started with an itchy scalp that was obviously screaming wash me! Having just acquired Essence of Morocco’s Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Paste with Shea Butter, I decided that would be my washing agent for the day. I first discovered rhassoul clay during my trip to Marrakech last year, where I saw it used by Moroccan women both in spas and in the old villages at the foot of the Atlas mountains to naturally yet gently cleanse their hair and body. I came back to London with a tub of dry clay that I use roughly once a month after mixing it with water and/or aloe vera juice. It’s usually a messy affair, but this time — since Essence of Morocco’s paste version is already premixed with shea butter and essential oils — it wasn’t.

I developed a love affair with shea butter in the fall, just as the weather was turning cold because it’s an amazing emollient for these cold winter months. The rhassoul clay cleansed my hair gently and superbly…’

Cynthia Wamwayi, London, Luxury Travel Beat


I use the Argan hair oil in my salon and have had a great response from my clients to it, as long as the product is used correctly you will have no problem. Highly recommended for coarse, dry hair but also great on tinted or hi-lighted hair. Love it!!!!

Dawn, UK


I tried the Essence of Morocco Argan oil for the body and for the hair. It made the skin unbelievably smooth and the rose scent was light and refreshing. The hair oil is a must, a very small squirt goes a long way and makes the hair soft and shiny and really helps protect the ends. My daughter’s hair is very dry and very curly and it has been a very long search to find a product that conditions it, and is 100% natural.”
Rebecca, London – Day Spa Manager, The Laboratory Spa & Health Clubs, London


I bought a bottle of Organic Extra Virgin and Lemon Olive Oil, both oils are handpicked and pressed on the 1st day to ensure their excellent quality. You can literally taste the goodness and health benefits in each oil, both Oils are excellent in salads, pasta and in Couscous dishes. The Lemon extra virgin Olive Oil brings a refreshing taste to any salad and the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also great at giving extra flavour to sandwiches.

Neil, London


“With the bewildering range skin products on the market, and their latest wonder chemical formulas, it is refreshing to find a totally natural and organic facial oil. I have been using Essence of Morocco Argan oil, mixed with one drop of Moroccan Rose Oil, every night for several months. It is light easily absorbed and has a heavenly fragrance.

My skin feels instantly soothed and nourished after the ravages of the day. Try it!”
Jean, London


“After using the Moroccan Rosewater and Rose facial oil for several months and seeing the benefits, I can really recommend these products for some natural skin nourishment. The oil is great for keeping the face hydrated in dry conditions, feels gentle and is easily absorbed. And the rosewater can be spritzed on as a freshner any time of the day. Both have a lovely unadulterated fragrance and the attractive packaging is a bonus!”
Anita, London


“I can fully recommend the “Essence of Morocco” beauty products. I personally like the Eucalyptus perfumed Beldi Soap which is an excellent exfoliant for removing dead skin. After my bath or shower an application of Agan Oil leaves my skin soft and silky. My favorite is Lavender scented. A couple of drops of Moroccan Rose Oil gives you a luxurious bath. My daughter uses the Ghassoul face mask followed by Rose Flower Water to leave her skin fresh and vibrant.”
Patricia, Casablanca


“I have tried several brands of culinary Olive Oil, both plain as well as those infused with herbs, which I love to drizzle over bread, salads, etc… but nothing pleases my palate more than the Essence of Morocco Olive oil with lemon and fennel, both of which I was introduced to recently. They are simply exquisite and offer more than a mere hint of lemon and fennel in the way of aroma and taste. Definitely a must for all food lovers who are also into olive oil.”
Lina R, London